What families are saying about Ladybug Music Minnesota!!


  • We love Ladybug Music! There are many different activities that keep the children interested. Melisssa is such a kind, loving, and fun teacher. You can tell she really loves her job and loves all the families that are part of the Ladybug Fam! 🙂

-Alyssa F (Facebook)

  • Ladybug Music and Ms. Melissa are just the best! We make a 25-minute drive each week to attend class and it is well worth it. Our 1.5-year-old daughter absolutely loves to boogie down, sings the music at home all the time, and thinks Melissa is amazing! Give it a try…You won’t regret it!

– Allison T (Facebook)

  • Ladybug Music is so wonderful! It’s a fantastic class where everyone can feel excited to join in the songs and dances! I’ve brought my mom to a few classes and we all had such a great time! Melissa is fabulous and such a great teacher! My daughter LOVES her experience every time we go. Thank you for offering such a great thing!
     – Jai B (Facebook) 
  •  We attended the Winter, 2017 session and had a fantastic experience! The program is great and Melissa is very talented. The music is fantastic and we loved the CD!
      – Amy S (Facebook)
  • Melissa is simply amazing! She is so sweet, fun, talented, and accommodating for families. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her classes to friends or family! Thank you, Melissa, for so many fun classes!
     – Lanae (Facebook) 
  • The classes are very fun and engaging! We are new to Minnesota and found Melissa and Ladybug Music through an internet search. So glad we did!
      – Angie L (Facebook) 
  • Ladybug Music is different than any other children’s music we have listened to. The excitement of the music is infectious. It’s  not the typical kid’s music. There’s rap, country, folk, nursery rhymes, etc all mixed together to keep kids and parents engaged. The classes go above and beyond other classes we have been to. My daughter is constantly singing and dancing at home, and when the Ladybug CDs are playing, she is performing the moves just like in class. I find myself doing the same thing too!
         – Roger D. (Yelp)
  • The music is so good and Melissa is really talented, not just her music ability, but also her ability to engage kids. Our whole family loved this class, we jam out to the music at home now! 🙂 I highly recommend it!
        – Katy H. (Yelp)
  • We have so much fun in this music class! Both my boys really seem to enjoy it! We won a 6-week session and I am so glad we did! We will definitely be coming back!
        -Zadee (Yelp)
  • What a fun and different class to do with your child!  Music is so important and it’s amazing to see how my little son LOVES the class!  We sing, play instruments, dance, work on rhythm.  Melissa has children of her own so she understands what engages children and she is so great with my son!
         – Tiffany (Yelp)
  • My 10-month-old and I LOVE Lady Bug Music classes. The songs are so catchy and fun, not just for my daughter but also for me!! I love singing them to her (as does my husband) and they calm her down like nothing else when in the car.


  • If you’re looking for an excellent, fun and energetic music class to attend with your little ones then Ladybug is for you! We have just finished our first term with Ladybug and loved every minute of it! Having the cds has meant that we can continue the fun at home and in the car. My eldest child (4 years) keeps asking when the next term will start. Clare has such wonderful energy and enthusiasm for music and my children adore her. It’s brilliant to see them develop passion for music at such a young age – thank you! Love love love the class 🙂