Tuition & Registration

 Jamming with your babies, toddlers, & preschoolers may trump reading! Did you know, playing music with babies & toddlers could benefit their development even more than shared reading? According to a recent study, “Children who experience more frequent parent-child music activity show stronger vocabulary and numeracy skills, more prosocial skills and stronger abilities to regulate their own attention and emotion. ” Read more here.

  10-Week Winter Session

Maple Grove, Elk River, & Albertville

{Morning, Evening, and Saturday Classes!}

January 14 – March 23


***Families can join at any time and sessions will be prorated.

Tuition & Materials

****$65/month or $195. (Prorated if joining after session has begun).

  •  10 weekly classes, 40-45 mins each.
    • Education throughout classes to help you better understand and enhance your child’s musical development
  • Ladybug Music CD & digital download (For use at home or in the car  to reinforce classroom learning)
    • Professionally recorded.
    • Did you know that the talented musicians on all of our Ladybug Music CD’s have also played with  Katy Perry, Dr. Dre, Iron & Wine, Ben Harper, Glen Campbell, Esperanza Spaulding and so many more! Read more here.

Are there siblings discounts?

  • YES! The sibling rate is $97.50 (infants 9 months and under are free)
  • The rate is prorated if joining later.

How are payments made?

  • Full payments & monthly payments are available. Payments are made with debit or credit cards

Additional questions?

  • If you have any question about the registration process or payment option, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂




6-Week Winter Classes

{Thursdays @ 5:30}

January 17 – February 21



  • Classes will meet @ Hanke Center in Elk River from Jan 17-February 21
  • Register through ISD728