Come try our award-winning, music + movement classes! Bring your baby, toddler, and/or preschoolers. We’ll sing, play with kid-sized instruments, and dance to some amazing kids music! We’ll throw in some lessons on rhythm, work on early developmental skills, but most importantly, we’ll let loose and have FUN!

Classes offered in the morning, afternoon, evening, and on Saturday mornings. We teach our classes in Maple Grove, Elk River, and Albertville. Register today before classes fill up!

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Ladybug Music’s 10-Week Spring Session will begin the last week of April and continue until the end of June.

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Julie grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico in a very musical family. She began playing the violin at age 7 and spent her summers at Hummingbird Music Camp learning to sing and play new instruments. After high school, she moved to California and received a BA in Sociology from the University of San Francisco. Her love of children led her to a career working with families as a nanny. For the last 15 years, she has nannied and used her musical talents to engage and educate the children she has worked with. 

Julie’s most important and rewarding job has been being a mom to her 2 year old daughter, Santana. She was hoping to find a career where she could work with children and music, so she is elated to have the opportunity to show her musical talents at Ladybug Music. Hopefully, one day she’ll bring her violin in! We are so thankful she has joined our team.

Ladybug Music MN Spring Session is now open for registration!

Sign up today for our fun and educational music classes for children ages 0-4 years! Ladybug Music MN was awarded Hulafrog’s Most Loved Music Class of 2019 in the Maple Grove/Plymouth area! Come boogie down with us and give your child the gift of music this spring! 

Locations in Albertville, Elk River and Maple Grove!

Spoonbridge and Cherry Sculpture- Minneapolis,MN

       Ladybug teacher spotlight! I am Melissa the Director of Ladybug Music MN. Music and theatre have been a passion of mine for pretty much my entire life.  I obtained a BA in Theatre and Music from Clarke University and then moved to Minneapolis to pursue theatre opportunities, and get my MA in Education.

         When I had my daughter, Keira, we explored various mommy and me classes throughout the Twin Cities and had so much fun! I was disappointed by the lack of options for upbeat and engaging music classes, so I scoured the internet and stumbled upon Ladybug Music in Los Angeles.  Immediately, I fell in LOVE with the eclectic mixture of music. After weeks of playing and dancing to Ladybug Music with Keira, I wished this class from California was in Minneapolis. So… long story short, I contacted Patricia and after about a year of communicating, Ladybug Music MN was born! The is our 2nd year in business, and I am elated to guide children and their parents to have fun together as they discover the joy of music. Julie and I are looking forward to continuing to grow and show other Minnesota families how wonderful & unique Ladybug Music is 🙂 

Due to frigid temperatures and snowy weather, all Ladybug Music classes have been canceled today, January 28th. Stay warm & cuddle with those little ones 🙂

Hello, Hello – Hello, Hello!

Ladybug’s Winter registration is now open! Join our awesome musical community where children & adults have a chance to sing, dance, jam out with instruments, and most importantly LEARN the fundamentals of music! Our classes will be offered in Maple Grove, Elk River, and Albertville. We’ll have morning, evening, and weekend class 🙂


Our 10- week Fall Session runs from  

Mon., Sept. 24th to Sat., Dec. 8th

(no classes Thanksgiving week)




It’s hard to believe that FALL is right around the corner. We know how much effort it takes to put a family schedule together, and that many of you are looking ahead. So before the back-to-school craziness begins, register today for fall classes, and ensure that special time singing, laughing, and dancing with your little one is a priority!

Singing has been called “the earliest form of music” and is even considered an integral component of the social evolution of humans!  Singing socially  “is something that can promote human well-being by facilitating human contact, human meaning, and human imagination of possibilities.”  So, it’s no wonder that our brains reward us when we sing together.


At Ladybug Music we love singing as group and studies show by singing together we:

  • our brains release oxytocin, which is a chemical that manages stress & anxiety
  • oxytocin also enhances feelings of trust & bonding
  • our cortisol levels reduce, which is an indication of lower stress levels
  • dopamine and endorphins are released, which bring feelings of pleasure and alertness

Studies have continuously proven that singing in a group relieves anxiety and contributes to the quality of life. The benefits are the same whether you are a “good” singer or not.

Singing to (and with) your kids has wonderful benefits, from making them feel secure as babies, to helping signal transitions as toddlers, but to go somewhere together where you can sing with others is a wonderful gift to give both them, and yourself.

So sing in the car, sing at home, sing with your kids, sing in a band and come sing with us at Ladybug Music, it will make you feel AAAAH-mazing! 🙂

April 3, 2018


Thanks to all of the families who participated in our survey!

Jessica, you’ve won 1/2 off your 10-week session.

Can’t wait to see you and your little ones this Spring 🙂

We have been thinking about rhythm this week!

From our mother’s heartbeat in the womb, to the rhythm of our feet, the rain,
& our languages, rhythm is a fundamental element of how we experience our world.

Although it is innate within us, exposure is key to cultivating rhythmic skills
which are important, not just for future musical endeavors, but for creating
critical connections in the brain associated with speech, as well as a more
“global effect on cognitive skills”. Studies have shown that there is a short
window in infancy, during which it is much easier to acquire these skills.
Rhythm is a big focus in Ladybug Music classes and something that easily
translates outside of the classroom.

Here are some things you can do at home
to encourage rhythmic literacy in your little ones:

  • Dance with your babies held close to your body. They will feel the
    rhythm through your own swaying.
  • Lightly keep the beat by tapping on your child’s bodies. This can
    be done while gently rocking your little one, or by playfully tapping
    out rhythms as a sort of game (toddlers in particular love this). “On
    your toes! On your shoulder! On your head!”
  • Introduce music with ‘odd’ time signatures. If you turn on the radio
    (do people still do that?) chances are, the song playing will be in 4/4 –
    The majority of western music is written in 4/4 time. So actively seek
    out songs in 7/8 or 5/4… music from other cultures is a great place to
    start, but you can find songs by pop bands like Pink Floyd in 7/8,  Radiohead in 5/4, and, of
    course Ladybug Music in 7/8 (among many others) that you can both enjoy
    listening to.
  • Keep a variety of percussion instruments. Percussion instruments
    have such variety in their shapes, sounds, and methods of playing.
    Egg shakers, rhythm sticks, tambourines, & castanets, can all be found
    inexpensively. Put on some music, break out the instruments, and
    have a jam right at home.
  • Practice small movement songs. Small movement songs are great,
    not only for coordination and fine motor skills, but also for
    experiencing rhythm through movements.

Have fun!
Ladybug Music