Embark on a musical journey with our meticulously crafted class, Notes in Bloom. This introduction to piano class is tailored for young learners (4-5 year olds) transitioning into piano lessons. Our structured and routine-based program introduces the fundamentals of music through captivating storytelling and engaging games.

During the course, students and parents alike will delve into the beginnings of solfeggio notations (Do-Re-Mi). As the journey unfolds, participants progress towards the ability to read basic musical notation and play simple songs on their keyboard instruments. This multifaceted  experience goes beyond musical education, as children simultaneously enhance their language skills through the  songs, rhythms, and ear training.

Join us in fostering a love for music and the piano in a fun and approachable manner!



 *Notes in Bloom Piano Lessons are not a Ladybug Music Program

10-Week Intro to Piano Session Tuition

We are so excited to offer a new class to kids as they transition to learning the piano.

  • This class is designed for 4-5 year olds and their adult (mom, dad, nanny, grandparent, etc)
  • Class Size will be 2-5 children in the class.
  • 10-Week Intro to Piano Tuition is $275 for one child + their parents/grandparent/nanny, etc
    • Tuition includes our Notes in Bloom Lesson book (10-week lesson book)
    • One 45 minute class for 10 weeks.
      • Class will include some story time, finger warm-ups, piano time with our small keyboards, rhythm time, etc.
  • This class is designed for 1:1 time with your 4-5 year old as they are introduced to the piano. Parental involvement is key to success with our early beginners. We ask that you keep siblings at home so your 4-5 year olds can focus on building new piano skills.


Do you have a child who is interested in starting piano lessons? Sign up for lessons with Kelly!

Kelly has years of experience as a music educator. She’ll provide a learning experience that will motivate your student to advance as a pianist, musician, and a person. Lesssons are made interesting and exciting through the use of songs, games, and motivation. Students will find themselves able to achieve more than they every expected and will love the sense of accomplishment!


4-Week Piano Session Tuition

  • 1:1 piano lessons are perfect for 5 and older! Younger students, please connect with Kelly@ladybugmusicmn.com to
  • Parents please plan on staying for the first class 🙂
  • Class Size will be 1 children, so lesson are 1:1 with Kelly!
  • 4-Week Piano Lesson are $120
    • Tuition will includes piano book for our first few families!
    • If you child enjoys the class, the hope is your session will be ongoing.